Woollen v Worsted

Woollen and worsted are two simple words that are the core of spinning. You see them used all the time. Is it about the fibre preparation or the spinning style?

In this class we will explore woollen and worsted wool in both preparation methods and drafting methods.

  • True woollen – prep and spin. (hand and drum carder)
  • True worsted – prep and spin. (combs and lock spinning)
  • The many semi. Prep and spin

I hope this will demystify woollen and worsted for you. Understanding the difference and how to combine different preps and spins will open up a world of possibilities and help you produce the yarn you need for your project.

Ability level: Beginner/competent spinner. Must be able to spin a singles confidently.

Equipment needed: Students should bring a spinning wheel in good working order or you can borrow one, hand cards, hand combs if you have them, flick carder/mini card/dog brush if you have one. A couple will be available to borrow in class. An apron, a lap cloth (leather or denim are ideal) hang tags for labelling or index cards, note taking materials and a packed lunch.

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9th May 2019, 11th July 2019, 10th September 2019


9:30 -13:30