Wheel Maintenance & Tuning


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Wheel Maintenance & Tuning

Morning Workshop 11:00-12:30

Trouble controlling your spin? Clunking and clanking? Rocking around? Tune it up!

Lots of us buy a spinning wheel and spin away not knowing how and how often we should maintain it. You want to keep it running smoothly for years and years, right? Give it some love and attention – those older wheels especially and they will reward you!

Bring your spinning wheel and let me show you what and if anything needs tightening or loosening, oiling or waxing or replacing to keep it running smoothly. There are parts that are ‘disposable’ and need to be replaced regularly/proactively for best performance. How often should you service it, what needs to be done? Do you have an emergency parts kit?

Let’s have a look.

Price €15

This class does not cover wheel restoration/full service. If you have an older/long unused/new acquisition wheel that you think needs servicing/parts/full restoration, please contact me. Basic service from €25.

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5th June 2019, 7th August 2019, 2nd October 2019, 4th December 2019