Your knitting teacher will tell you to swatch, your weaving teacher will recommend that you sample, and your spinning teacher is no different.

Tedious? Boring? It feels like such a waste of time when we just want to get to the fun part. BUT it is so important; I think interesting and absolutely not wasted time. If you’re trying to achieve a particular yarn or replicate one for your project, especially if you have a lot to spin, this is time well invested.

We’ll also talk about keeping notes and making a sample library so that future sampling can be cut down if you use the same fibres again and again.

Students should bring note taking materials, a spinning wheel in good working order or you are welcome to borrow one, and a loose bound book with sturdy pages or index cards.

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3rd July 2019, 4th September 2019, 6th November 2019


9:30 – 13:30