Ply plays a significant role in your finished yarn. Whether for knitting, weaving or crochet there are some fundamental aspects of plying you need to get under your belt so that you can make the yarn you need.

  • To rest or not? Fresh v stored singles
  • Keeping control and consistency.
  • Learn how to achieve a balanced 2-ply and 3-ply yarn.
  • Unbalanced yarn
  • Ply back testing/sampling.
  • Chain/Navajo ply
  • Andean bracelet

Ability level: Competent spinner.

You’ve got balanced plying down. You’d like to do some fun stuff……….. How about learning some different techniques?

  • Spiral plying
  • Cable plying*
  • Coils** and Stacks
  • Beehives
  • Bouclé
  • Autowrap
  • Spinning in some locks

Ability level: Competent spinner.

Equipment required: Students should bring a wheel in good working order with a large orifice, a quantity of singles – at least 20m (on bobbins, storage bobbins or toilet tubes doesn’t matter so long as they fit your Lazy Kate) and at least one empty bobbin to ply onto. Lazy Kate. Please feel free to bring any threads and locks you might wish to incorporate. Niddy noddy or swift. Sampling book or index cards and a pen.

*For the cable plying please bring a quantity of 2 plied yarn
**If you are able, please bring a quantity of thick and thin singles.

Class size: 4 people.

50% deposit to reserve your place with the remaining 50% to be paid on the day.

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28th May, 28th June, 24th July, 9th November


Beginners Plying, Advanced Plying, Both