Colour Blending



Colour Blending

Workshop 9:30 – 16:30

Colour wheel carding on a drum carder or hand cards using pre dyed commercial tops.

Getting the perfect colour…… Y0u want that special shade and you just can’t find it? Well, make it.

Starting with primary colours, we’ll explore the colour wheel. How much of each? How many colours? How many passes? The range of tints and accents you can achieve is almost infinite. In your hands, simple red, yellow, and blue become infinite shades of teals, emeralds, lavenders and amethyst, fiery orange, and earthy browns as you create your own marvellous recipes and mixes. Come and experiment.

We’ll be sampling and recording all along the way, to ensure you get those recipes down.

  • Basic blending.
  • How many colours.
  • Getting hotter or colder?
  • How do you place it, how many passes?
  • How will you prepare it for spinning
  • How will you spin for the effect you want?

Ability level: Basic knowledge/operation of a drum carder/hand cards required and students need to be able to spin a singles competently.

You’ve conquered the colour wheel, you know your tints from your shades. Now a bit more fun.

  • Multi coloured batts – Layering vertically or horizontally.
  • Turning and reblending.
  • Painting the drum.
  • Striped top/humbug
  • Sequentially striping top (drum carder only)
  • Gradient puni rolags/fauxlags

Ability level: A good working knowledge of colour blending, use of a diz and how to make puni/fauxlags an advantage. Basic knowledge/operation of a drum carder/hand cards/blending board and being able to spin a singles competently is essential.

Equipment needed:You should bring a spinning wheel in good working order or borrow one of mine, a pair of general purpose hand cards or a drum carder or blending board and it’s mini carder/ burnishing brush, a scale that can measure in gram increments if you have one. A diz and it’s hook. A pair of dowel rods/chopsticks two hands width wider than your board or drum carder is ideal), a rubber door wedge for your drum carder. Bring your sampling notebook or index cards, a pen/cil.

Price per person €60 to include materials, notes, use of equipment and refreshments.
Class size: 4 people.

50% deposit to reserve your place with the remaining 50% to be paid on the day.

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March 25th 2020, April 28th 2020, 27th May 2020